Minutes of meetings

Minutes: 13th June 2007



2pm Wednesday 13th June 2007


Present: Josie Smith (Chair), Carry Burton, Noel Craine, Steve Simmonds, Peter Lowe, Jill Coles, Mike Mallett

 Apologies: Steve Adams, Erica Painter, Dave Griffiths

•  Welcome and introductions

Short introductions made, job roles stated by region:

North Wales

Carry Burton - responsible for needle exchange and harm reduction services across North Wales , N.E Wales NHS Trust

Dave Griffiths - Community Pharmacist in North East Wales

Noel Craine - Research Scientist (Blood borne hepatitis, HIV, substance misuse)

National Public Health Service for Wales


Mid & West Wales

Peter Lowe - Needle Exchange Co-ordinator, Swansea CDAT

Steve Adams - Needle Exchange, Swansea Drugs Project

Steve Simmonds - NHS Service Development Manager, National Pharmacy Association; Projects Officer, Community Pharmacy Wales

South East Wales

Jill Coles - Needle Exchange Co-ordinator, CAU, Cardiff

Josie Smith - Research Scientist (Blood borne hepatitis, HIV, substance misuse) National Public Health Service for Wales

Mike Mallett - Needle Exchange Co-ordinator, Gwent NHS Trust

Commissioner / CSP Representative for all Wales

Erica Painter - Substance Misuse Lead Officer, Cardiff


•  Membership

Three additional members are to be invited to the Forum Planning Group:

•  a representative from West Wales Substance Misuse Service - awaiting confirmation of individual's name

•  a user group representative from North Wales - awaiting confirmation of individual's name

•  a pharmacy representative from South East Wales - to be sought

In recognition of the fact that a number of substance misuse related groups have, in the past, dissolved due to key individuals moving to new positions, membership to the Forum Planning Group comprises key roles, specifically Needle Exchange Co-ordinators for each region and Community Pharmacy Wales to ensure that representation will remain despite the future loss of any individual member.

It was agreed to keep Forum Planning Group small and to invite additional members to Working or Task and Finish Groups as they were developed.

Agreed that membership to wider Needle Exchange Forum would be open to all working within field and other interested parties across Wales.



•  Terms of Reference - Original draft attached (draft 1)

- Amended draft attached (draft 2 for approval)


JS advised that discussions had taken place with National Needle Exchange Forum (NNEF), and related organisations including UKHRA and Exchange Supplies. NNEF originally set up to cover England but in recent years not so dynamic. Full support was offered by these organisations to the establishment of the All Wales Needle Exchange Forum including offers of assistance in setting up website. Terms of Reference (attached) relate closely to those of the NNEF.



Agreed with the inclusion of the word 'develop' so will now read

"To actively develop, support and sustain a network of high quality, comprehensive needle exchange services across Wales "

 Aim 1 - agreed with inclusion of 'related fields' and incorporation of aim 4 so now

will read

 "Aim 1 - To provide those working within Needle Exchange Services (NES) and related fields in Wales with a platform to initiate open, informed discussion and debate, and to raise concerns and issues to move forward NES services"

 Aim 2 - Agreed

 Aim 3 - Agreed. Discussion focused on nature of communication network. JS advised of offers of assistance in establishing a website. This site would include opportunities for registering as a member, provide a' web-site query centre' (chat-room) for raising issues, and an advise and 'frequently asked questions' / reference section. Alternatives to website for those not able to readily access internet could include newsletter, or adding specific information to existing newsletters. MM suggested that a newsletter could be distributed though the already existing distributors of NES equipment. All agreed this would be most useful.

Aim 4 - agreed to incorporate into Aim 1

Aim 5 - 'to provide expert advice.' Agreed but NC highlighted need to clarify by whom advise may be sought e.g. providers, commissioners, media. Also need to clarify who gives out what advice. It was agreed that the website 'frequently asked questions' section would be a useful referral point (with an option for emailing forum planning members) and that consensus should be sought on the content for this. If there were any particularly difficult or unusual requests for information and advice then members of the planning group would communicate between themselves informally (and if necessary, external advisors / experts) to reach consensus.

Aim 6 - Agreed. Members to contact JS with any information on national and international organisations that they are involved in or feel would be relevant

Aim 7 - Agreed. Need to clarify and agree with forum, commissioners, WAG on output formats and where they would be distributed.

Aim 8 - Agreed. Raising awareness and promoting understanding of role of NEX seen as a vital aim and would include the wider community, clients, hospitals, police. Not only cover where services are available but also what to expect of services etc.

Aim 9 - Agreed with amended wording to read:

"Aim 9 - To establish standardised and accredited training programmes within Wales and to maximise opportunities for training between different agencies"

Aim 10 - Agreed in principle with amended wording to read:

"Aim 10 - To maximise consistency of provision of injecting equipment and paraphernalia across Wales and ensure equity of service"

Aim 11 - Agreed. Discussion followed on previous and existing standardised data collection systems. Agreed that information re. previous and existing systems be collected by members of forum and brought to the next meeting for discussion.


Any other aims to be included?

Agreed that a brief statement should be included to the effect that 'views of users and user groups will be taken into account' rather than the forum 'reflecting the views of users'.

Membership - Agreed. Membership of Forum to be built up through website, newsletter and word of mouth from existing members

Constitution - Agreed that Forum Planning Group would meet face-to-face four times per year, one of which would be the Annual National Conference. In between these meetings, teleconferences would continue to be used regularly.

First Annual Conference will be held early (February/March) 2008. Josie to gather information re possible dates to be agreed at next meeting

Regional Groups - agreed that rather than arrange regional meetings for sake of it, working groups and task/finish groups will be established to tackle specific issues within regions to provide focus for regional groups whilst also providing an opportunity for local issues to be raised and brought forward to wider group.


Secretariat - Agreed that NPHS representatives will act as secretariat


Forum Planning Group - agreed membership as follows

For each region of Wales (North, Mid and West an South East) - one representative from drug service and one representative from community pharmacy NEX service

2 representatives from voluntary sector

A representative from a service user group

2 representatives from National Public Health Service for Wales

A representative from CSP/Commissioner


•  Agree future dates / meeting times

Next teleconference to be held on 19 th July 2pm. Possible dates for future face-to-face meetings to be emailed to all members


•  Any other business

Funding issues - Josie confirmed that funding would be sought from relevant commercial organisations and contribution from SMAT teams and Welsh Assembly Government

Should Forum have a limited lifespan? - Agreed that as role of Forum is to 'develop, support and sustain' it would be inappropriate to consider forum as having limited lifespan. Also agreed that there are and will continue to be many ongoing issues re NEX services in Wales and this Forum provides an opportunity for continued development.

Establishment / Identification of key themes for working groups - Several key themes were identified including data collection systems, provision of paraphernalia, safe injecting environments, training and provision of evidence base. Clarification and development of working groups to be address at future meetings.

Should the remit of this forum be extended to encompass 'harm reduction services'? Agreed that remit should remain that of Needle Exchange services and all that these entail in order to maintain focus and clarity.

 Contact details for group members - Agreed that Forum Planning Group members emails be made available to other members - please see attached list.


For completion by:

Collect information regarding previous and existing NEX data collection systems - information to be brought to next meeting

All Members

Clarification on available dates for Annual Conference Feb/March 2008


Provide information / contact details for all relevant national and international organisations

All members to email Josie with details

Progress development of website with Andrew Preston and NPHS


Identify and invite those members not currently present

Mike to identify pharmacy representative from South East

Josie to identify service user / user group representative



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